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Quite recently one of our alumni wrote to me. The same student who was an introvert , didn't speak much... used Facebook to get in touch with me... She inquired fondly about her teachers, coordinators and shared how much she missed school. Email id's for teachers or students may get defunct, when students graduate or when they move to another city leaving the school, but facebook account remains... Many teachers of our school who had to move to another cities due to transfers or students for that matter, are still very much in touch through Facebook and our groups like 'Drihtikone.' Where they share their views and ideas.

Here I would also like to attract attention to the fact that... For some kids it might not be that easy to express themselves in front of everyone especially to start with. .. but they are pretty good at it when it comes to Facebook. Some might not be very good at saying things vocally but they can write well... I have had students ask a question about topic in the class or beyond that... which struck them at home they were curious to know the answer. I have had students ask quesions on facebook, where as in the class the child normally keeps it to himself/hersefl. we have seen all these things happen over years with our groups... and how much that has helped each one of them. A group like 'Drihtikone' which itself translates to 'perspective' has been doing world of good, in continuing dialogue, creating awareness, bonding, perspective building, collaboration... We not only have current students and teachers expressing their opinions on a topic but even alumni, experts, parents, ex teachers and so on...

Facebook-the platform by nature is collaborative in itself... and that works well with us, that is the basis of growth of humanity... :-)