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Rebecca commented on Empathy Map Co-Creation

This is super cool!


Rebecca commented on Weird contest

This is so cool!  As an art teacher, I have a really difficult time getting my K-5 students to take creative risks and make things that are not cookie-cutter copies of my examples or their neighbor's art.  I might just have to borrow this idea for my classroom!  I think we would have to maybe have some conversations about why "weird" leads to innovation and how copying really doesn't add anything new to the conversation.  


Rebecca commented on Lumosity For Character

This is amazing.  I really love the idea of gamifying things.  Kids respond really well to that, and it's a great way to teach a mindset that will help students deal with mistakes and collaborate with others as adults.  I also like the online aspect of this idea.  Great way to bring digital citizenship (and just plain citizenship) into everyday conversation.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this project works for you!