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Ariel commented on Research, Real Research

Jessica Hadid  I would imagine universities would LOVE to work with teachers on this. Could you interview a PhD student, or even a professor, to see how this partnership might play out? Let me know if you need any connections in that regard--I can find students to connect you with @Stanford.


Ariel commented on Tiny Schools

Fantastic idea Leslie Ihrig 

I wonder how we might take this one step further. We could think through the first cycle of what a tiny school would teach. One idea might be to have the school-within-a-school be a laboratory of sorts for teachers (or, say, a crew of 4 teachers) and have them test certain ideas and report back to their group or the faculty writ large. This could be a nice twist on homegrown PD!


Ariel commented on Round Trip Ticket Mashup

Thanks for the connection Emma Scripps !

Donna Teuber I'm happy to offer ideas or feedback.