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Zeina commented on Reimagining the Hallway Pass

Simple idea with an epic message behind it! Bells, hands up and rigid routines of school can at times make schools feel like prisons for students (and teachers).
The desire to give students autonomy and confidence in managing their own behaviours is powerful. I shared this idea with a group of 11/12 year olds and here are their thoughts about this using a PMI.
P: autonomy, independence, doesn't disrupt the class, cool item that won't get lost and is a loud symbol for other teachers who might see you 'lurking' around the school and question what you are doing. It would be good for teachers to use this too!
M: symbol might be too big and embarrassing for some students to carry around, especially for students who might have a bladder problem and need to go all the time. What happens if there is an emergency - will the teacher know exactly which kids are missing. Do students still need to go to the bathroom in pairs? Is there a place to hang the shovel in the toilets or will it sit on the floor?
I: Cool idea. I like that a teacher is thinking creatively about making students be more in control of their actions at school. Could students use a name card on the wall pr something like this to identify them as out. Miss can you let us know how the ideas evolves after hearing us feedforward. This teacher sounds like he really cares about his student's voice and choice. I hope my high school teachers are like this too.