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Rebecca commented on System-Wide Positive Phone Calls Home

@Jessica, that is an awesome and vital addition!! We could make every interaction meaningful in multiple ways for long-term impact... and learn more about each student's unique contributions to the community more deeply. Thank you for this!


Rebecca commented on Prototyping

OMG, Courtney Groskin !!!! This is amazing!!! I bet we have some IC students who could build something like this, too... I use 'nextdoor' all the time to be more tied into my neighborhood community, I love the idea of an app with videos & tutorials and messages for a school community. Can't wait to explore this further at the Incubator in January!


Rebecca commented on Student Shadow Experience

So interesting, Val, thanks so much for sharing. I really reflected about what you said about feeling small. I so often forget what it felt like to have everyone be more than you... taller, adult-ier, more in charge, more professional, whatever it was, it is a big part of childhood and I don't think I attend to that feeling enough, or remember that feeling enough when I think about my interactions with my own kids or with students. So thank you for that reminder. I appreciated, too, the insights about being shuffled around - a lot of students during the school day probably feel like things are being done 'to' them instead of 'with' them.
Thanks again for sharing. Gave me a lot to think about :) - Becky