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Rebecca commented on Prototyping

OMG, Courtney Groskin !!!! This is amazing!!! I bet we have some IC students who could build something like this, too... I use 'nextdoor' all the time to be more tied into my neighborhood community, I love the idea of an app with videos & tutorials and messages for a school community. Can't wait to explore this further at the Incubator in January!


Rebecca commented on Student Shadow Experience

So interesting, Val, thanks so much for sharing. I really reflected about what you said about feeling small. I so often forget what it felt like to have everyone be more than you... taller, adult-ier, more in charge, more professional, whatever it was, it is a big part of childhood and I don't think I attend to that feeling enough, or remember that feeling enough when I think about my interactions with my own kids or with students. So thank you for that reminder. I appreciated, too, the insights about being shuffled around - a lot of students during the school day probably feel like things are being done 'to' them instead of 'with' them.
Thanks again for sharing. Gave me a lot to think about :) - Becky


Rebecca commented on Groskin Module 1

Super interesting! It's amazing to me how our brains instantly form narratives about people based on what we know of them and what we know of the world, and it's so hard to reverse those instincts or original conclusions. I wonder what makes that student different in different situations... I was just talking with someone else about the 5 Cs of positive youth development and it was fascinating to think about how different behavior manifests in different situations. (good example but many formats). But like I wonder if in class that student lacks confidence and so behaves in different ways there than in the lunchroom... humans are so complex :) Thanks for sharing your insights!
- Becky