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Matthew commented on Unbreakable Breakout EDU

It is why Trever's question was particularly jarring for me; I think that adulthood often brings on what at least seem to be no-wins so frequently, that the more we can do to help students prepare for those moments the better.  I'm also in love with Samuel Beckett's quote: "Ever tried, ever failed, no matter.  Try again, fail again, fail better."


Matthew commented on Unbreakable Breakout EDU

- Creative Problem Solving
- Resilience/Grit

In discussing this in the BreakoutEDU Facebook group, I'm debating "Unbreakable" vs "0% Success Rate".  I am beginning to wonder whether it would work more as a diagnostic test more so than a teaching tool.


Matthew commented on Kobayashi Maru Test

I think the possibility for cheat/hack is what makes me so fascinated with this idea as well.  It can also speak to what it means to cheat.