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Aruna commented on "Kids 2 Kids"

Hi Patty,
This really works out great. We had an hour dedicated for activities of this sort.Students from different grades who are interested in a common STEM activities will work together in the presence of a facilitator to design and build their product. eg grade 5,6 and 7 will come together to build a miniature robotic device which can move with the help of a remote. This keeps them motivated throughout the day in other subjects as well. Also since younger ones are contributing their ideas to a senior grade students it boosts their self confidence.


Aruna commented on Computer Science Lions

Hi. I used to teach Computer Science. Since we had very less dedicated periods for CS, I made all the main subjects to contribute their topics for our powerpoint presentations. It worked out really great. In one instance we were able to tap their creativity, presentation skills, speaking skills, confidence and knowledge in both subjects