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Paloma commented on Module 1 -Empathy

Hi Tess Dickerson 
I loved reading your thoughtful reflection. It's clear that you are very dedicated to bringing empathy practices into your classroom. As you continue to grow your practice in this area, it will be interesting to think about how you can bring this depth to scale.


Paloma commented on Module 1--Empathy Reflection

Annick Gillot-Salmon Thanks for submitting such a thoughtful response. It's clear that you are very dedicated to understanding your students and iterating on your practice to best serve them. The question you asked about what makes students feel successful feels like it could lead to some really exciting design opportunities. I'd love to see some synthesis on the insights you got from that question.


Paloma commented on Module 1 Worksheet - Empathy

Erik Ray  - This is such an incredible survey! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to listen to your students in this way. What an incredible empathy tool. I would love to see some of the insights from that survey reflected in your reflection. What did you hear from students? What did it make you think or want to try? Great job!