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Sofia commented on Merging the Classrooms

I love the idea of mapping the concepts out with the other core content area because there are times when we as teachers don't even realize the connections between our classes. At this very moment in math we are learning probability and in science they are going to begin the punnet squares for offspring characteristics. These two concepts match up perfectly because probability is finding the percent/chance of something occurring. As math and science teachers we simply have to bring in the the other subject into our class. An example:  (the science piece) if one parent has brown eyes and the other parent has blue eyes(the math piece) what are the chances of the offspring having blue eyes.... etc). I am more than positive that many of our other concepts can become integrated as well!


Sofia commented on Invention Fridays

Tinker bins would more than likely be the most organized way of doing this! My hope is to give them a real world problem at the beginning of the month and the Fridays for the rest of the month are their days to research and create a solution for the problem. Giving them the time to present their solution/creation through a gallery walk or a whole class presentation (which ever they like best) would be the most important piece because they will be able to analyze each others solutions and learn multiple ways to solving the given problem.