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Hi Bronwyn! Love the idea, and I think it's one of the bigger challenges confronting schools right now. How do we identify community organizations to partner with schools. And how can we ensure that these partnerships lead to meaningful work? It looks like CityStudio is doing excellent work, and I'm interested in learning more, including how we could use it as a model for other community partnerships.


Moss commented on Presidential Campaign Project

Fantastic idea to hold mock elections! To capitalize on the election this fall, we're trying something similar by inviting kids to form their own political party and run for various offices. We're giving our candidates as much time as we can to share their party's platforms and initiatives, while also allowing them to debate the issues with each other. It's been fascinating to learn what they think is important, along with how they'd approach solving the problems they identify.

I love how you've scaffolded your own election by encouraging kids to think about the finer details of a campaign. Looking forward to hearing more!


Moss commented on Community Mapping Project

Love this idea! We've tried something similar, in asking kids to learn about specific areas of Los Angeles. Through comparing them, it becomes clear how different some neighborhoods are, despite their proximity. In particular, I'm shocked by how much school systems can vary across neighborhoods, with some having plenty, while others only a few. It's a great exercise to build an understanding of what a city actually looks like.