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I can attest to the ability of SLC's to empower students to take ownership of their own learning. I've seen the incredible effect that it can have on student accountability & responsibility for learning, and how it can place all the stakeholders for the child's education together in conversation, so that everyone involved has an opportunity to express their interests. 


James commented on Mind the Gap (Year)

Why not utilize this post secondary year as a service year? Let's let young people have the opportunity to work in a structured program that allowed them to travel, and get real-world experience alongside others of their own age, as well as experienced scholars and professionals, while fulfilling needs within NGOs, schools, relief projects, and public service sectors. 


James commented on COLOR Club + Design Team Supervisor

I love it! his is a long term skill-building, mentorship-based program that helps individuals develop confidence over time and practical world experience that is transferable to both academic life and occupations.