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Aaron commented on Start of Year Home Visits

Yes! As parents, we experienced this once - as our oldest son Malcolm entered Kindergarten. I hadn't anticipated how meaningful it would be to me to share my hopes and dreams, my fears and doubts, with his teacher.


Aaron commented on Train the Trainer Model

(Do you mean to discuss above, in the idea description, or respond here?) Some schools are going to a model where they have an alternative schedule one day/week, say Monday morning for 90 min. Students come to school late (works best at high school level where students are generally responsible for own transportation). Then that 90 minutes can be broken up different ways, e.g. once/month full school meeting; every other week discipline team meetings, etc.  The important thing is to ensure that someone takes responsibility for facilitating the meeting, and that there's a clear focus and set of deliverables.


Aaron commented on Train the Trainer Model

Agreed! Unfortunately, with all the talk of Professional Learning Communities, very few schools have robust structures in place for regular, ongoing professional learning. If they did, when teachers went to conferences, there'd already be a structure to plug into for sharing what was learned. It would be natural.