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SALLYANN commented on Multiple Moments of Meeting

This is fantastic idea and follows what is happening in the workplace today where one annual performance review is really of no value and constant feedback is needed where both employer /employee (in this case teacher and student) can interact, get feedback and also give support and suggestions. It is a more holistic scorecard approach for a child by key stakeholders ( parent and teacher). Also just as children are difference in their engagement and how they learn ( kinaesthetic, auditory etc.) we have step stopped and considered so are parents. Yet we have traditionally forced parents t show up at a meeting when this may not be the best way to interact with this parent based on their learning and engagement styles. My suggestion would be that the 2 *2 matrix be separated for each primary and secondary and focus on the horizontal axis from disengaged to engage parent and on the vertical maybe something like one feedback to many or something along the lines . So being to the top right section is where we all want to be. Just a humble suggestion.