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Kevin commented on A Cardboard Carnival!

Hey there, Ellen -

How cool...!
Question: About how much curricular or "in-school" time did you offer students to devote to your Halloween carnival?


Kevin commented on A Cardboard Carnival!

We are embarking upon our first-ever Cardboard Challenge at All Saints' Day School (Carmel, CA). We're starting with a handful of middle schoolers who are trying to make a snack vending machine out of cardboard. Hopefully, what they come up with will inspire the rest of the school to dive in for (we hope!) a school-wide event some time in January.

Hello all --

I am brand new to this strange, beautiful design-thinking world. I already bow to your thoughts and bravery here....
I'm really interested in living this lesson alongside you all. I'm particularly interested in the spiritual gifts (regardless of religious tradition, or lack thereof) that embolden our willingness to become an "A-lister", and learn from failures. A few practitioner-heroes of mine who spring to mind:
- Pema Chodron, a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and generally wonderful person, just wrote a new book, "Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better: Wise Advice for Leaning Into the Unknown."
- Richard Rohr, OFM is a Franciscan writer, contemplative, and retreat master who identifies several leaders within the Roman Catholic tradition -- particularly St. Francis of Assisi and St. Therese of Lisieux -- whose say towards wisdom included accepting and integrating life's imperfections into difficult lessons.
So -- I wonder if there's an exercise in this "A-list" awaiting us in which we try to connect some dots, trace golden threads, compare/contrast -- whatever -- towards identifying the habits of heart behind learning to embrace failure...? The emotional terrain of learning from failure...? The authentic inner journey of opening to and learning from failure...?
AND -- how I, as an ordained Presbyterian pastor who is currently serving as a part-time chaplain and 3/4-time middle school history/religious studies teacher -- can live that lesson before my students?