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I love your idea! My students are currently studying empathy through book clubs. We would love to connect with some classrooms at your school!


Rachel commented on 20% Time Meets Mondays

Wow Britta! I'm really excited about your work with passion and mentoring. We are trying to do something similar on an elementary level. Our current challenge is connecting to businesses in our area who would be willing to provide mentors for young students. Our current solution is to engage passionate high school students in mentoring our younger students. So far that's working well, but we are looking for bigger opportunities for both our primary students and our secondary students.


Rachel commented on 20% Time Meets Mondays

We are currently in the midst of Project CASTLE Bootcamp. My students experienced a 20 % time environment all day for the first 3 days of school, every afternoon for the last week, and will continue through this week. It has truly laid the foundation for a creative culture. I believe there is something to be said about a full creative immersion when introducting the concept.