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Caroline commented on Start the meeting before you get to the room

As both an educator and a parent of a 9 year old and 12 year old, I agree that conversations need to happen all year, not just on one night. Emails and texts are great tools for one-on-one specific conversations between parents and teachers.  These lines of communication are so important because the parent and teacher need to be on same page in order to ensure the best overall outcome for the student.  Some major concepts can be covered in weekly newsletters or classroom emails (for topics that apply to all students), but daily email communication between parents and teacher should be considered for individual concerns as well.  These texts/emails do not need to be long-just quick bits of info. to help along the way with specific, individual concerns.  In addition to weekly individual communication all throughout the year between parents and teachers, conferences should be made available once per quarter.  Preparing ahead of time for these will make the best use of everyone's time.  They should only last 15-30 minutes because issues and concerns that are specific to that student need to be realized and prepared for BEFORE the actual conference.  Then at the conference, meaningful conversations are had that have both the teacher and parent leaving feeling very informed with a specific plan for the future.  Again, these conferences can be made available only to those who feel that they need them.  And again, conversations are had before the conference re: concerns, questions, test scores, actual achievement vs. potential, etc. (whatever the main issues are with that student).