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So many school districts schedule collaboration time, but it usually ends up be managed by the most vocal and/or senior staff members who have their own agenda. I really like the structure and process here because it lends itself to developing the key strategic documents for California schools like the Single Plan for Student Acheivement (SPSA). This might be a way to hook in administrators, because like teachers and the other stakeholders, they want the strategic documents to be meaningful, relevant, and measureable - the only problem is, most of the participants lack experience in managing that kind of process. And this idea seems to support that process.

I want to echo Michael Schurr's comments that too many staff meetings are consumed by updates that could be handled by other channels. The Google drive lends itself to running Socratic seminars because you can handle large groups by splitting them in to two groups (or more). Group A is active in the seminar first with 2-3 notetakers (or more). Meanwhile Group B only uses the backchannel Google chat to comment as they follow Group A's discussion. Then they switch, with Group A on back channel, and so on.
As a teacher I am so busy, I need this type of disruption to break out of ingrained habits that need to change.