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Kristen commented on All the little things...

I thought the same way about the video timelapse. I think I might check it out next week when I have a group of kids here. I'm wondering about the data usage piece. I know we use data for behavior plans or IEPs but we don't always use it to analyze what's happening on a classroom wide or school wide angle. It would be interesting to talk to the other DDLs at our next meeting to see if anyone else regularly incorporates this type of data in their processes.


Kristen commented on Interviewing students

Hi Alex,
I noticed you are working with the counselors. I wonder if implementing design with the counselor might be another way to support some of your students. Obviously, STEM is a big part of why some of your students are enjoying school. I wonder why STEM is the "fun" part and how we might change what we're doing in other spaces to reflect more of the fun. It would be interesting to conduct an interview asking about the specifics of what they are enjoying in STEM and what they're not in other academic areas. I'm thinking of the Ambrose Change Model (I know-it's my favorite thing, right next to gears!) Wouldn't it be interesting to see how a child might react to that?!


Kristen commented on Empathy in Math class

"...share their ideas and mistakes as contributions to all of our learning..."
What a beautiful set of words, Tanisha! It was inspiring see how you have elevated the idea of failure as a way to learn by moving it beyond the individual to the entire group. I think often we encourage students to reflect on their own learning and their own mistakes. However, you are pushing mistake-making to be less of an individual event to something that all can learn from. I wonder how we might make this more systemic in a classroom?