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Karen commented on Analog Enhancement | Augmenting Space

Paul we worked on this before. I agree the physical space is just as important as the virtual.


Karen commented on Redesign the Information Ecosystem in the 21st Century

I like this idea but how do we turn this research into an activity in the classroom, either through low-tech or high-tech means? I think it's some type of simulation would be the best way to demonstrate the results of this research.


Karen commented on LEARNVIA: The Student Success App

Here are some others too!  I have used Proto and Appery.oi . They use to be almost the same, Proto it was a different interface, which I didn't want to spend the time learning. And Appery.oi I still use but it is when I am really serious about making an app, since you can push it to the app store right away. If you are planning to take this to the next level, it might be worth your time to learn Appery.oi since it streams quickly to the stores, offers a low cost solution to have a real app without having to pay for server and app maintenance fees.  Pop looks really interesting for Hackathon's, this would be an ideal tool. Thanks for turning me on to it. Good luck Karen