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John commented on From Acting to Being

I participated in a book club with 6th graders. The book we read was action-packed, but I think it was riveting because the author disclosed information about the characters slowly. You had to wonder about their past and motivation. Students could write stories using this approach. They could also create a story game where there are cards that represent different types of information about people's backgrounds. The objective is to accurately guess a person's story without having a complete set of information.


John commented on Science Action Comic Textbooks!

I also like the idea of using comics to have students reinforce a complex concept or a concept that was boring.  They could do this weekly or have one student do it each week and compile a whole comic book.  If multiple students do the work, then maybe they continue the same story from week to week.

I love this idea as a way to connect the community.  Students can write letters to other students or general constituents of the community.  For example, a student in 3rd grade might write a letter to the 4th to ask what next year will be like.  A student might write a letter to a science teacher with a question they are wondering about.