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Kengo commented on Empathy Map Co-Creation

Claire Partlow I agree with everyone else. This is a great idea!


Kengo commented on Home Visits

Hi Keara Duggan !
I love this idea! I used to do this prior to the start of each year when I was a preschool teacher. I personally found it extremely helpful to learn a little more about my students' home life, what their day to day is like, what kind of routines they are use to, and to (most importantly) help them and their family feel a little bit more at ease with the year ahead by introducing myself and answering any questions that they may have for me.

I'm sure this would look very different if it were to be done for older students, but I feel like the benefits would be just as valuable.


Kengo commented on Collaborative Tinkering Toolkit

Agreed! I also love the permission slip idea, and I feel it would be great talking point in class with the students to make them feel part of that process and informed behind the reasoning for the permission slip. 

I feel like it would go great for fostering a STEMist culture mindset in the classroom. Great idea, Fallon.