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Beth commented on Year 7 and Panel Discussions

I love the idea of connecting learning outside of school to academic learning. Students learn 24/7, and their passion-based learning that often takes place outside of the school walls plays a huge role. Perhaps this type of sharing would encourage more teachers to incorporate student voice and choice in the classroom, bringing student passions into the classroom! This would be so validating to students and parents. 


Beth commented on Some Student Responses

When I spoke with students, I heard the same thing- they prefer school (social) to be entirely separate from home. In fact, I made a few of them uncomfortable asking about conferencing. They were skeptical that I would do something to upset the current balance! 

Student-led conferencing has been highly successful in my district.  We're using a brand new learning management system that has a student ePortfolio component built in, but we're just scratching the surface of what this functionality will bring to our families. I love the idea of having an online student portfolio space! If we could combine that with open labs on campus so families without Internet access can see these digital creations, I think this could be a powerful tool!