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Maggie commented on Expert Learners for Social Justice

Hi, Sean,  When we first started researching design thinking and how to integrate it across the curriculum, our first meeting was a Student Caucus.  We still have the video, but you don't need to see to imagine what they said.  One of my favorite quotes was, "I want to do something that matters NOW.  What am I waiting for?"


Maggie commented on A Toolkit for Change

I love the advocacy empowerment in this.  I think there's a nice overlap here with City 2.0, where we are trying to give kids the skills for community-based change and a fix-it mindset.  Where are you located?  Alliance for Quality Education in NYC (Zakiyah Ansari) does a lot of protest-advocacy...she just led a march to Albany, with stops for rallies along the way, presenting the Assembly and Governor with an invoice for the more than 4 Billion dollars the state gov't has defaulted on its promised funds for public education.  Now she's headed for Detroit.  Maybe you already have your kids connected to real world protests?


Maggie commented on Open Exhibition for Student Voice

Wish I had the skills to do this--it would be part of the outcome of City 2.0