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Jen commented on Go International for Inspiration

I like the idea of looking to already established best practices to improve our own. We have so much that we could learn from other countries! This seems like a very possible idea with all of the technology we have access to.


Jen commented on The Amazing Race

Paula Marra What I had in mind was teachers meeting live and being grouped with staff from other sites. During breaks throughout the day, teachers would (hopefully) naturally chat about things/programs going on at their sites. Possibly, the chatting would happen even during the tasks/activities that were being completed. I hadn't thought about a hang out. What a great idea! I'm now thinking that beginning with a district-wide meeting at a certain site and following up with hang outs would be even better. Thank you for the comment and bright idea!


Jen commented on Gamify Teacher Learning

Christy Novack How awesome that you added me to your team! I would love to be a part of it, but I'm just not sure what I should be doing next. I love your profile pic: Go Dubs!