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A simple lense teachers can add to any lesson to explore with students relationships, stories, and the perspectives that shape them.

A simple lense teachers can add to any lesson to explore with students relationships, stories, and the perspectives that shape them.

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Hadiyah commented on #FAILtalks

Love this idea! Particularly having teachers model throughout the year, Go Cait! 

Just brainstorming...  part of curriculum for We are 'co-learners' (to be way more unpacked)
-#FAILtalks, from students too
-Cait's idea, teachers modeling failures and how they are fixed throughout the year
RICHARD FANNING one step closer notebook (possibly being a part of how students are graded, similar to how portfolios/processfoilos are used in some classrooms instead of test to evaluate)

These feel very connected at trying to have students experience learning with an emphasis on understanding the general process of learning and identifying their unique way of learning. Also recognizing the role teachers can play by modeling and showing that learning is not just a student activity, and that teaching is not simply a teacher activity. Though, i'm sure a lot of ideas on teachers guild can be brought together to build vastly new classrooms :) how exciting!


Hadiyah commented on Perspective Lenses

Thank you for sharing! That is why I love this idea too, there are so many ways you can take it. We feel it can apply to any subject because it seeks to understand separately relationships, perspectives and the stories we tell. Possibly helping students recognize that the stories and perspectives we use to learn are not the only ways to understand/frame the various relationships that make up every subject and even the world we live in.

I love that you all came up with the “talk show” skit, how fun! And it also shows the possibilities for showing/experiencing perspective lenses with a strong 'maker' emphasis. I am very interested in learning more about how involved you all think it would be to incorporate this project into various lessons?
Exploring empathy while focusing on perspectives and relationships is an interesting bonus this idea offers.


Hadiyah commented on Perspective Lenses

Margaret, that is a great question. Initially thinking their could be a presentation with the class.

Blue-sky thinking: the students projects turned into a published-type of student-made collection of science knowledge to be shared like a 'textbook' and built off of by future student projects.

When it comes to what the bio could look like, I am going to try to update the original post later today with that info.

Yes, I like that idea, alternating throughout the year and/or having both Science Action Comic Textbook and the biographies be apart of the same course representing different sections e.g. biographies could help build up to Science Action Comics?