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Hannah commented on Inspire student creativity

The couch is crucial - it invites conversations. If only my couch could talk, it would have many stories to share.

Those comfy chairs!

The cabinets remind me of similar cabinets that were in my former school's IT room. They were covered with notes/drawings/diagrams/goofiness in dry erase marker. If I had cabinets in my classroom, I'd definitely do something similar.

I think it's an excellent idea to transform outdated computer labs into maker spaces that encourage collaborative explorations. However, my school is just now building a new (pretty awesome) computer lab. Although we are 1:1, we are an iPad school, so the computer lab will be stocked with updated PCs. I'm not sure what the setup will look like yet, but I'm hoping that there is some flexibility in design.


Hannah commented on 20% Time Meets Mondays

David - this is timely for me. I'm building in 20% time to my new Coding Class. Originally, I thought it would be on Fridays, but I'm attracted to your Monday suggestion. I also agree that I need to complete my own 20% time project alongside my students. How would you suggest checkins take place? Do you think students should reflect on the process through regular journaling, or would that detract and constrict the flow?