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Cynthia Blair commented on Student Success Session Kit

Thanks Lisa - I collaborated with Maggie today and have updated the working draft presentation any thoughts are appreciated - like - what can be cut as far as information. Thanks have a great one!


Cynthia Blair commented on Open the Door to More

Great ideas!

I started a fall, winter and end of year coffee at a local high school to get to know parents (no volunteer recruiting allowed) It's now in it's 5 year and continuing to build community and providing an outlet for "Busy Parents" many who opt to spend time with family versus a school event. I myself am finding it more challenging to make events, so I try to schedule things when its convenient for parents - drop and pick up. 

Love the walk, I walk before school pick up at 2:00 and have had success in finding parent to join n me. My son's school started a Walk A Thon that we do get an amazing turn out and raise fund for student computers.

Tech Shop events and student showcases are fabulous!


Cynthia Blair commented on Family Feud Night


Great idea - Would love to brainstorm on questions - I like using this in place of a questionnaire - see Student Success Sessions. What if a school had several Family Feud games to check out - each family takes for a week and uses this as a tool to discover what's working, students interests and the frustrations that often become roadblocks to learning.