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what has been great about this initiative is the feedback from the parents about what THEY would like to know and what their concerns are. It has led to finding resources and research and sharing with parents who want to do the best for their students.

Considering an expansion to include a resource folder and quick thoughts shared with parents regularly -- great community driver as well.


JD commented on It Happen to Me.. :-(

Matthew: i love this idea of turning negative experiences into positive reflections. It would be an interesting challenge to make this work and still respect privacy of the students, particularly those not interested in sharing. Are you thinking of the students within your location? In that case i could see it almost as a flag in the SIS of the school "Available for student presentation" and "Subject of student presentation" -- the subject could be public and searchable and only administrators would have the actual student name and contact information to reach out and coordinate.


JD commented on Healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with stress

Cameron, have you had a chance to build and prototype this yet? We have been playing around with something similar regarding bias in news literacy. I could imagine you collecting the behaviors through an anonymous quiz that is then converted to a quick "healthy or unhealthy" binary. Students could even see and reflect on where they different in their response to the overall class ("Oh, i thought that was healthy but 70% of the class disagreed with me") -- excellent project idea!