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Melanie commented on College Transition - A Natural Approach


What a really great idea! I am a graduate student in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism department at the University of Utah and we just finished reading Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, so it was neat to see this. As time goes on, the nature/human divide is becoming larger and experiences in nature are, I believe, even more transformative. For some kids, simply being present enough to sit and look at the stars may develop a sense of wonder. I love how you have not ignored the technology component. Unfortunately, technology is not going to go away and it is our job to discover ways to mesh the two. Scott Sampson has a book called How to Raise a Wild Child and in it, I believe he emphasizes the need to balance nature and technology. (I have not read the book, but he did a brief interview with the American Camp Association). Our department offers a variety of "classes" that are outdoor based and provides students with opportunities to learn a new outdoor skill or have an experience in nature. I see this being very applicable to those courses. Can't wait to see where this goes! Rooting for you!