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Linda commented on Embrace Critical Thinking Challenges

I'd argue that taking time to puzzle things out IS the demanding curriculum! In a classroom holding forth is the easiest thing ever, but facilitating understanding never seems to involve telling students how a thing is. Further, it perpetuates the myth that we teacher-folk are all knowing.


Linda commented on Use the cloud

In working with students in a Project-Based Learning classroom I found that showing exemplars from prior years was a great way to signal the (high) quality criteria and push students creativity and effort. The use of the cloud on the platform of dropbox, Googledrive can so be our friend in retaining exemplars without the storage nightmare a great project can represent (think 6 x 8 sheet of plywood with a fabulous graffiti/ vocabulary project).

You can encourage students to adopt the learner's mindset in the midst of a workshop session by asking a carefully chosen group or individual to discuss their challenges and how they'd solved them. In some cases it is helpful to synopsize what you had observed of the group's struggles, as students may be somewhat protective of this line of discussion until they learn how valuable-- critical-- to learning these challenges are. By prompting their recollections with comments such as "when your team was falling apart and unsure of how to go forward you decided that assigning tasks might help-- and that appeared to work well for you-- can you talk about that a little?"

These kinds of conversations worked well in that they modeled that the students who were pushing boundaries (in a positive, design and thinking way) had struggled through the marshes as well. Students taught one another about perseverance, effort and struggle were certainly a part of the process.

Hi Joanne,
What an interesting interpretation! I love how we all understand a similar concept in our own way-- probably using our individual needs and intelligences. I wonder what an architect would make of this person's thoughts, particularly around the concept of space and it's effect on us.