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Hi Greg! So we are still very much in the infant stage of this project and we are, as the famous education saying goes, building the plane as we're flying. The first community night really focused on just getting the conversation started and taking the community's temperature in terms of whether or not folks are open to this sort of conversation. It turns out that the community is really ready for this type of forum!

I love the idea of encouraging action and I'm wondering how we can measure progress. In our schools, we would notice a positive impact when our digital media related referrals decrease. Our GREEN partners might notice a difference when they see less digital media related court cases or police calls. I'm wondering what other ideas we can come up with for measuring progress!

The urgency of a digital tattoo (love the phrase) is another concern. I'm also wondering if we could host a teen panel where students would be willing to share stories about what happened to them with others. If students/families hear how one inappropriate post or picture negatively impacted their lives it might make more of an impact than sending home a flyer with information about digital citizenship. Or maybe doing a workshop where parents come and Google themselves or their child and see what the results are.

Thank you for getting my wheels turning! I think GREEN is off to a great start but we have some more work to do! Thanks again!

Thanks Paul! I added some resources to our submission including our community night presentation, a committee planning guide, our school district instructional snapshot about GREEN, and a digital citizenship parent resource page that was curated by one of our media specialists as a handout for our community night. We hope that other districts can find some of our community digital citizenship resources helpful!