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Ben commented on Community Redesign Project

I love the way this project gets kids out into their community. I wonder if, after some practice, kids could be brought into the designing phase of an actual remodel/ reimagining of a school space--library nook, student center, classroom, playground etc. Perhaps there is an opportunity for students to take ownership over their school spaces, culture, and community by designing a better school! 


Ben commented on Neighborhood Book Boxes

I love the way this idea calls upon students as designers, builders, editors, and citizens to produce a civically-minded and achievable project! I'd love to know more about how students will engage with the community to choose locations for the libraries. Do they get permission fro ma town council or neighborhood association? Do they go "street art style" and just install them and see what happens? I'm wondering what happens after the initial installation of these
I'm wondering what happens after the initial installation? Will future classes keep up the libraries? Re-stock them, etc.? How might the project become more sustainable? This is has me very excited!