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Mangla commented on News Validity

I love this idea! In the times we live teaching children how to evaluate news and become critical thinkers is very valuable. Love the checklist Sarah!


Mangla commented on Build a supportive classroom community

I wanted to add an article I found which goes with the idea of community building leading to greater academic success. The idea of Responsive classroom to build equity in education is catching up.


Mangla commented on Build a supportive classroom community

In order to build a safe community I start the school year with getting to know activities. One of them is a partner interview which leads to writing Peer Biographies. This is a great way to get students to talk to each other and find out about their peers. We type and post all the Biographies on the wall for students to read. This generally sparks an interest in students to ask more questions and know more about their peers. Having this opportunity and learning about each other helps students feel safe in the classroom. Looking at similarities and uniqueness about each other makes them appreciate the differences and similarities. Many team building activities done at the beginning of the year help foster a safe environment for students.