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Jill commented on Informal Enrichment Connection Nights

I love this idea and can see lots of different ways it could play out...board game nights, sporting activities where parents, students, and teachers play together, lots of different activities in the arts. What a great way for parents and teachers to really connect and learn more about each other in a positive, fun setting. It reminds me of the quote (not sure of the author) "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." I wonder how the idea would play out in a secondary setting? What activities could be planned that would make middle and high school students want to participate with their parents and teachers together?


Jill commented on Module 4: Mentor Shore Middle School

Hi Donna, It's so interesting to hear the new ideas you got from talking with students and Nick and Debbie! I bet you could sketch out some quick ideas for the floor plan diagrams you mentioned to share with teachers during Test #2 for feedback. I also wonder how the students' idea about artwork/murals could contribute to the interactive nature of the space, i.e. chalk walls, supplies to add to a mosaic, a polaroid camera with space for a photo wall, etc


Jill commented on Empathy Interview - Langguth

Hi Heather, I loved hearing about how you do entry surveys with your students at the beginning of the year and the insights you glean from them. Your comment, "I really enjoyed this activity, and wish there was enough time at the beginning of the year for me to do this will all my students so I can learn about each of them individually." really got me thinking. How might we design the school day so that teachers feel they have time to gain real empathy for each of their students? I wonder if this would be an interesting design challenge for any of our DDL's to explore this year.