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Jill commented on Innovation and failure...

I see we only have 22 hours left. Should we write something up in a Google Doc and propose it?


Jill commented on Innovation and failure...

Hi Moss,
Sorry for the very late reply. I've been on vacation with my family. Anyway, I'd love to think about how failures could be celebrated.
I think we need to start off with a question like, "What was it about this idea that made it seem like it would be successful?" I don't think most people pursue an idea that they think will fail. So reflecting on what made them pursue the idea initially is a good idea. I also think this needs to be part of evaluations. Questions to include might be, "What did you do this year that failed?" and then a follow-up question might be, "Why did you consider it a failure?"
I also think that we need administrators to participate in this risk-taking process in a visible way. If teachers are supposed to be the models for students, then administrators should be the models for teachers, right?