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Jason commented on Digital Futures Initiative

Paul Kim appreciate the note. I have added some recent items as we create them. Specifically to your points:
- I added some language to simplify what we are doing. Does it resonate?
- Easy is where we shine - We no have an online, self-paced learning center. Any instructor can sign up, select any of the 23 lessons to teach. There is a walk-through of the content and after answering 4-5 questions to validate mastery, the instructor gets a certificate with the full digital files, presenter notes, in-class activities, videos, etc - can be used as much as they want - all for FREE
- We developed this curriculum over the past 9 years teaching ~20k students and have had an independent research firm studying results from students, parents, teachers. This research informs the annual curriculum updates. Until last year, this program was only available in Douglas County, CO. To make it more broadly available, we created DFi and launched nationally.
- The feedback we get from the 300 current instructors in 35 states has been overwhelmingly positive. They report students who are engaged, classes that are attentive and content that they respect. The in-class activities are meant to introduce concepts and help student practice empathy, emotional intelligence along with being accountable and responsible online.


Jason commented on Digital Futures Initiative

yes. thanks. It was developed by DQ Institute in Singapore. they are one of the top think-tanks in this space anywhere in the world. Their program for elementary age children is an interactive fun environment that kids really enjoy. This is the program I use for elementary schools to provide children a solid citizenship / safety foundation. Teachers enjoy it too. Feel free to give it a try. It's free.


Jason commented on Digital Citizenship and The Politics of Scale

Posted this over on James Fester project and it seems to fit here as well. Here are some of the most recent studies on the topic that I am aware of :

Tons of recent metrics and studies from both UK and US -

The first global study looking at younger kids ages 8-12 - showing 51% of US kids exposed to at least some type of cyber-risks. My non-profit led the US portion of the study if you are interested in just the US numbers let me know.

Here is a recent study launched by Journal of Pediatrics showing prevalence of inappropriate messaging (the link is to a Quartz article in case you do not have a Journal of Pediatrics subscription)

Here is a very comprehensive study just released in UK on the effects of cyberbullying and the adolescent brain -

To be fair - many turn to CommonSenseMedia as well. Personally, there is so much there and much is dated (around research and lessons) that it takes more time to weed through it than it's worth. That is my opinion though and wanted to include it as a resource anyway. (I also feel their advocacy and lobbying in this space is second to none and to me that is where their value is)