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Hi Lori and Meredith,
Just back from Costa Rica, and I am checking in to see if I need to do anything else on the 'Evolve' phase.  All I have done is add my Word Document as an attachment, but there does not seem to be any method for my idea to be selected (no Button).  Do either of you know what I need to do?  Thanks, Sue

Hi Lori,

Very nice to meet you.  I sent an email out to you and Meredith on Friday, suggesting a quick call to get on the same page.  I have not heard from Meredith as yet.  I have started a draft Requirements document and attached it with the original concept, and would love it if you could review and send me some thoughts and feedback.  I only have this week to collaborate, as I will be on vacation after that.  Thanks, Sue


Susan commented on Internships and Field Experiences for Credit

Hi Norka,

I liked how you stated 'meaningful' internships, since this is key to opening student's eyes to the range of work opportunities available in society. I think this might be the best way to illustrate 'exciting' paths and directions for young people. Most high schools today offer credits for 'Co-operative Education', which (where I am from) seem to include working in a dentist office, or at a clothing store at a mall. I would love to see large Corporations offering more Internships to High School students, since they have the greatest diversity in roles.  Here, a student may witness and work with graphic artists, enterprise IT Architects, business development professionals, or finance management people. These interactions will help formulate preferences in students minds, and help them reach higher toward meaningful career choices.   In today's fragile economy, how do you think we can expand meaningful internships for young people?  Youth unemployment statistics suggest there are fewer jobs for young people. How do we fix this, and get better at demonstrating possibility?