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Jerry commented on Students create curriculum focus on growth

Hi Emma,

I join this group from the 10/12 event "Design Thinking Brainstorm: Creating #StudentDriven Classrooms".

Unfortunately I have never implement this idea before, the idea came from the brainstorm session we had in the event. I will put some random thoughts below:

I would suppose in order to do so, the basic condition is there should be a list of "suggested learning objectives" for students to review (for meeting the basic requirement of education standard). The following steps might be:
1.Student council decide what should be the minimum requirement of knowledge to acquire (e.g. key concept or calculation capability)
2.Classes to address on basic knowledge
3.A test to assess students' understanding on basic knowledge. Any student passing the test should be granted a pass score (let's say "C")
4.Student choose a project which can showcase their capability to implement the knowledge acquire in the class.
5.Project sum up and present.
6.Score on how well students implement knowledge in the project so a final grade (e.g. A+, A, A-, B+...etc.) would be given.