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Carolyn commented on Connecting the Dots - Creating a Scalable Hub Model

Hi All!

This looks great, and glad to see you're working collaboratively on the google doc. It's great to see you're thinking about how Google may be able to help with this idea too. It would be awesome if in the next iteration you can flesh out even more what you think Google may do to help facilitate this. How could Google for Edu make an impact here? What would our role be if it were up to you? This will help us get a better idea as to whether or not it's something we could actually help with. We can try and work with you to refine what is possible.



Carolyn commented on #Hashtagging to Encourage Innovation

Hi Dea,

Carolyn here from Google. I love this idea and Elysa and I from the Google team would really like to help you flesh it out more as we think it's a powerful one! What I love is that I really do think this could help change culture - which is what this question is all about. The constant sharing of innovations amongst staff is bound to create a more innovative culture in a school. I also love how you link this to an opportunity for administrators to better understand PD needs. I think Ellen's questions are a great place to get started now that we're in the evolve phase. I'd love to prototype this with you a bit more and really understand how we would get this started in a school. Let me know if you want to collaborate on a Google doc with me. Feel free to add me to your team!

Also, one idea I was thinking about to make it even more powerful was ways we could take these tweets off twitter to make them even MORE visible in a school. What if, for example we could export them and have them running on any school TV monitors that may be up around schools which show announcements? Or, what if we projected the new tweets on a wall each day?

This is really such a cool idea, we just need some more prototyping to better understand how it could be implemented in school. Can't wait to see it fleshed out!



Carolyn commented on I need an expert!

Hi Patrick and Team,

Great stuff here. Love this idea!

I wanted to make sure you have heard of Nepris. This is a virtual product and platform that allows experts to enter classrooms via video conference. Teachers can say exactly what they're looking for and they're matched with experts in the database. It's a very cool product and I think it's free (up to a certain amount of usage). Check it out here:

Could you do a bit more research on Nepris if you think it may be similar to what you're trying to set up? It may be worth seeing if Nepris has a customizable functionality so that schools can make their own sectioned-off database?

Also, I would love to see some prototyping action for this post. So, in the post itself you discuss a few different things that could actually be built and prototyped. For example, what would this Google form look like out to staff and then parents? Could we whip up a quick prototype of that? What would the bio ideally look like of the expert? Then, furthermore, could we build out some sort of higher level strategy as to how this would work? I think Devyn is asking some interesting strategic questions related to the longevity of the interaction between the expert and the teacher, and the class. Would this be a mentorship type relationship over time?

Can't wait to see this fleshed out a bit more. Don't be afraid to prototype! May be worth getting a Google doc started with this brilliant team to craft how this would work. I also would love to join the team if you can add me?

Great stuff!