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Gaynor commented on Common Sense, Digital Bytes: Online Tracking Unit

Thanks Kali

This feels like it is a great idea to do with students - and maybe even something for parents ... Do we really know who is tracking us and what they are doing with it.

Great provocation.


Gaynor commented on Empathetic Story-Telling & Active Listening

This is great Darius. I am looking forward to hearing about your student's feedback. I am curious as to how they responded to this method - it sounds as if it would have been fun!


Hi Nate

Glad to see you have joined the Teachers Guild.
When you get chance please fill out your profile. This information allows us to plan new chapters, in-person events and the types of collaborations we focus on. We are also hoping that it will allow us to connect users based on location.
Grade level will help us to develop age appropriate tools to help you gauge the impact of ideas which come out of collaborations. Testing ideas is key to refining and improving them.
Thank you for your contribution to our Digital Citizenship Collaboration - - make sure to check out some of the other ideas, try one in your classroom and add your comments.