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One of the most collaborative and innovative design thinking exercise I have participated in. Thank you The Teachers Guild for this unique experience of is discovering, ideating, collaborating and crowdsourcing some really brilliant thoughts from passionate educators. A very rich repertoire of ideas has been created for us to use in the future. Thank you Jessica Lura , Emma Scripps , the Facebook team that encouraged me and gave me suggestions. Thanks to my team of students, teachers, parents and counsellors whose reassuring belief in the idea was our driving force. That we are all on one page to help our children plan their future. 


Avnita commented on (Re)Thinking Diplomas to Mirror Mastery

Would love to see this idea pan out and how we could tweak it to our schools in India which have a very large number of students. All the best Matthew Drewette-Card 


Avnita commented on K-12 Passion Portfolios Tool

Great way to handhold your students through school.