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Nives commented on Engaging Our Elders

Hi Jessica,

I am totally fond of the idea of using Senior Citizens and like Donna Teuber it does remind me too of Sugata Mitra's granny cloud!

I believe the MOODLE would be the best platform to use for the Seniors to work from and as far as enticing the College students, as Donna Teuber says, to actually seek this experience then one way would be to make the Moodle course final certificate/attendance record count on their CV's. However the Moodle experience in itself is well worthy of a note in CV's.

Go to this site for more info on the Moodle courses run by Dr Nellie Deutsch  for online training.
Or enrol free to experience the moodle at


Nives commented on Moodle online

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your comment! The Moodle is not so difficult to use or manage, and there are available courses by Dr Nellie Deutsch (where I moderate on some courses) that provide moodle training.

You can go and see this moodle course run by Dr Nellie   free to enroll and it will give you an idea of what the Moodle looks like.

The great thing about the Moodle is that it has different roles that have diverse 'authorization' to make modifications - e.g. Moodle Administrator has total control; Manager has somewhat limited control; Teacher has limited control. Allowing any organization to set up the Moodle to ensure -for example- the didactic paths are maintained by the Teacher, the logistics of the site are maintained by Admin; the Course modifications by Managers. 
Go to the Youtube channel and look at the Moodle tutorials.


Nives commented on Moodle online

Hi Elsa,

Thank you for your brilliant comment, yes I will contact Jessica Ellis asap! 
Setting up the Moodle is not as hard as it may seem, Dr Nellie Deutsch offers moodle training at and would be keen to run a course for Seniors to enable them to be online mentors. I would also be facilitating and moderating until the course can be totally managed by the Seniors.

Go to Dr Nellie on Youtube  or my Youtube channel Nives Torresi and view one of my moodle tutorials e.g.  to get a gist of how easy it is to navigate the moodle site.

Dr Nellie's moodle has a free course on the moodle for Facilitating Online Courses at this link  with Certificate, all welcome!