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Mark commented on My Learning Ecosystem

Thanks Lisa - counted in!
I want to open the agenda as wide as possible while trying to also be focussed around development of not just guiding principles, but a framework description. I'd love it if there could be a pooling of ideas that can build on each other so:

What do you see as the guiding principles?
How could these be developed into a framework?

Part of the approach I had in mind was weighing personal ideation against an objective context:

What are the sources of objective reference?

I'll think about this and look at core refs. and update next week  - thanks :-)

I love this approach Ela. Is this something you will work with to develop more in the ideation phase?
Or sharing what you've worked on before, linking it the posts on the community? How will you go from here?
I'm not sure if the posts here are evolutionary or one posts from phase to phase independelty, linking to each other. I'll soon find out :-) 
The compass is the closest I've seen to my own thinking - seeing the wood and the trees and plotting options - great!
I'm inpsired by Kolb who I see you mention, as well as Bloom (another one of references) but also see the need for something that opens the context out from experiential learning with relation to a greater context. Bloom's cycle and axes are a great starting point.
With your focus on future, past and present, you also touch on looking at forming the future which is so important - constructing the desired learning future, but for me, offsetting this with an objective evaluation of context and testing fit to purpose as we do in design. (I'm from a design/architecture/innovation background myself approaching learning from a design angle.)
I also agree entirely on a 'people in the center'  and making this the focus. 


Mark commented on Defining The Learning Ecosystem

You're welcome Ela and thank you - it's wonderful to see how posts can inspire! Similarly, I love what you have developed (and the whole branding excercise of the compass, it is an inspiration).
Visual communication is so important I feel it should be a subject for itself. For myself, I have 144 responses to use now in getting to grips with how tools can be developed that base themselves A. on the way students think, need, want to work and B. works actively with the ecosystem agenda.

I'll be looking at this in the next phase and see how the 'data' of the responses and guide the next phase defining the logic for a tool that can help students in seeing how they fit in to the greater context.