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Ms. Christina commented on License: What, why, and how.

@ Paloma: This is tailored towards high school students. I've done parts of this series of lessons with different groups, but never all of them with one group. All Spanish 1 students receive direct instruction from me and practice in the Skill #1 section of the series, and that goes really well. The students start finding and using materials that are either free for reuse, or making sure that they're citing those that require citation. In fact, they even sometimes catch their teachers on failing to do the same! :) I've worked with the student TV news updates on the Skill #2 section of the series. Student leadership of the club reached out to me to ask for help in determining what music, clips, etc were okay to use. We had a great opportunity to practically apply Fair Use principles. And, what I really love, is that the TV bits that have come after our work together have been more creative and interesting. I think students are challenging themselves to make something new or remix in a more thoughtful way, and that has been wonderful. Finally, I've worked with individual students on the parts related to Skill #3, but never a whole class. I would love the opportunity to work with a digital media, art, creative writing, music composition, or similar class, and teach the whole series to the whole group to see how it turns out.


Ms. Christina commented on What can an "Internet For Good" learn from Troll Farms?

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