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Raquel commented on Healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with stress

Great! I love this and feel it is so desperately necessary to teach people how to deal with stress. There should even be a practical, where in a safe space kids could dig into what makes them angry, and how to deal with it. How to move that energy.


Raquel commented on Peer Editing: Student Voice in Writing

Great idea, Emma! You can never emphasise modelling enough. It is very easy for teachers to assume students know how to say/explain something, but it's more effective to elicit what they know and model what it looks like.
I recently created these prompts (look at second part - for students), to support students in talking to each other. I work in a context where children are very quiet, so this was made to help them talk.
Here is the link to the resource, which is in Word format so you can adapt.


Raquel commented on Empathetic Exploration Goes Global (Virtual Reality)

This sounds wonderful! A pity I can't watch the videos, because any video watching on school networks here is blocked. Oh hum! I'll check at home later instead of during my lunch break (now).