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Nick commented on Crowdsourced Conference

Thanks Charles Shryock, IV ! I'm in full agreement about the size of the crowd. My original thought was that this would be a useful tool primarily for middle and high schools.  Now, I'm thinking that at the elementary level there would still be a large enough n of contributors (classroom teacher, tech teacher, art teacher, physical education teacher, foreign language teacher, music teacher, parents, etc) to gather interesting and pertinent data.  

As for it being a cumbersome tool, I'm very concerned about ease of use. For this to see ANY use, it must accommodate a wide variety of users and cater to their specific needs. Oh yeah, it needs to be intuitive and inviting, too.

I guess it's time to get to work! :)


Nick commented on goodbye report card, hello Learning Infographic

This is a fantastic idea! I love the design and care that was put into this. I was also very curious about the time involved and how this could be streamlined to make it efficient for teachers. I'm wondering if we could make a few templates (via Google Docs) and use merge tags to add individualized information for each student. I know that I'm happy to tinker with the forms that I give parents at our conferences (I call them Assessment Webs) but I want to be mindful of teachers that see a larger volume of students each day.