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Gregg commented on Learning From the Failure of Others

Great stuff. Establishing a culture in which failure (through effort) is seen as a positive movement and recognized as leading toward success. In this manner, one is certainly establishing a framework for rituals and routines focused on a non-traditional understanding of success.

Although, it is funny that the stigma of failure in the educational setting is difficult to shake. As a former life insurance salesman, the mindset driven home from the very outset by management is: "every no brings you closer to a yes." One will fail more often than one will succeed but the sum-total of the successes will far exceed the cost of failures.


Gregg commented on Improv Everywhere

I agree. In fact, I often use improv exercises when I notice that the class is in need of a change--be it content, routines, "work," whatever. It also helps to know some students off their pedestals and raise-up those who are a bit reserved and/or hesitant to engage the class as a whole.


Gregg commented on 7 Tenets of Creative Thinking

I subscribe to Edutopia also, and I was planning to post this. But you beet me to it. Excellent choice.

I particularly like this article because it emphasizes that which Obama, Duncan, Gates, Walton, and etc., don't appear to realize or accept--education is not about training robotic employees in a very narrow set of skills and it is not here to serve industry's whims.

I wish more educators (especially those with advanced degrees) opening and vocally challenge the derision and destructive policies of the current technocrats.

thank you