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Kelley commented on Build a better PD calendar


I really appreciate your ideas about the PD calendar.  It seems there is always so much PD offered and so many opportunities for learning, that perhaps sometimes a central message or Big Idea gets diluted.  What I love is that your plan sets the tone/goals for the following year in Spring, well ahead of the new year which gives teachers the time to process and plan over the summer.  I know this would be greatly appreciated by them.

 What is nice is that the opportunity for passion projects is still there, which I believe is an important acknowledgement of the different interests and needs folks will have.

 I love the idea of walk-through as you include in the PLN.  I had the experience of beginning "Learning Walks" as we called them when I was principal, and it had the potential for being a very powerful collaboration and learning experience.  I would love to support that process!