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Amy commented on Make Connections

Hi! I had not, but I just checked it out. Very interesting, and I'm going to ponder it a bit more over our school vacation. Thank you for connecting us!


Amy commented on Standing in the shoes of others

This is interesting. We have had "wellness" days at various schools where I've worked, and students have taken turns using crutches or a wheelchair, and they have walked around blindfolded with a guide, but they were brief and very superficial. I would be interested in going more in depth with creating experiences to foster empathy. Thank you for sharing this!


Amy commented on Reading Without Walls

I love this idea. I always have students try to read a variety of genres, but I like asking them to expand in more ways. Growing up, I didn't always love reading about people or places I couldn't relate to, but since becoming an adult and meeting more people and traveling, I enjoy it more. I would like to have students do these three challenges AND try to make connections with others around these challenges. Maybe we can meet someone who is like a character in the book who is unlike the reader; maybe we can explore a topic in more depth. :) Thank you!