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Sabine commented on Music for Inspiration

Kids love to listen to songs and they really do like to sing along. Last year I opened my science lesson on the solar system with "The Planets" song. They loved it and asked to hear it all the time. Not only did it get them excited and interested in the subject, the song taught the kids facts about each planet that helped them with their projects and quiz.  If we could build a library of songs tied to specific topics that all could access - what a wonderful resource for teachers to inspire and motivate their students. Educators could contribute to the library whenever they came across a song that fit a theme/topic.


Sabine commented on Teach a String of Lessons at a School of Ed

I would enjoy the opportunity to guest lecture for a credentialing program at a local college.  It would expand our horizons by seeing what the programs are focusing on and meet the next generation of teachers. We would learn from each other!!!


Sabine commented on Mentoring Passion

I agree that we can learn from and be inspired by a mentor.  Over the years,  I have learned so much from colleagues and master teachers. Ideas shared and then incorporated into the classroom enhance our teaching and make us better teachers.